In collaboration with dubbed Dragon Knights, MALM has developed a pilot watch to members of the mythical Dragon Knight Order. The watch has been designed by studying instruments and gauges in the J35 Dragon's cockpit. In addition to the unique dial design, the watch has also been equipped with custom made hands with a center positioned second hand with a silhouette inspired by the J35 Draken aircraft.

The Dragon Knight order was founded at 18.13 on 13 May 1960 at Bråvalla F 13, Sweden. Any J35 Draken pilot could be dubbed a Dragon Knight. Outside of Sweden the Dragon Knight order also has members in Denmark, Finland and Austria. The requirements for being accepted to this exclusive order were initially 1) that one would have flown the J35 Draken and achieved at least Mach 1,4 and 2) flown at least 10 hours and 3) been found worthy by the order council.

The watch has been limited to 100 pcs and has been engraved with the each pilot's name, wing number, year and place of dubbing. 

Dragon Knight watch